Obama: My New Budget Will Support Millions of Jobs or Something

Posted by on Mar 03, 2014 at 9:00 am

The man clearly is delusional:

We do know one thing: They won’t be jobs in the military.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Obama administration’s proposed budget “guts our defense” and ignores the need for military preparation for future conflicts.

The South Carolina Republican told CNN’s Candy Crowley Sunday that if the United States were to need to take immediate military action in an international conflict, that situation would drain defense resources.

Graham said on “State of the Union” that “440,000 members of the United States army is a gutted army. We do have a lot of technology available to our troops. Every soldier goes into battle with an array of technology and equipment not possessed in World War II. But you still need trigger pullers.”

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5 Responses to “Obama: My New Budget Will Support Millions of Jobs or Something”

  1. Racist on 4/04/14 at 12:00 am

    Thanko Ivan Danko!!! I’ve been repeating those three words over and over for the last, what 3-4 years, and apparently you are the only other person in the world who seems to remember that for the first 2-3 yrs of this Cirque de Soiledanus all he could come up with was, “We’re looking at Job Creation with Laser-like Focus” while they were finishing off Bush’s $800B stimulus on paying back the first round of campaign supporters. But then it was right back to “Laser-like Focus on Jobs”, except for the break engineer the govt and union takeover of GM,Then Laser-like Focus, right after Cash for Clunkers and Democrat Car dealerships, but Laser-like blah blah blah…
    It was one of the most irritating aspects of the Honey Booboo Idoling of this country. That a lying liar could repeat that refrain loudly and frequently as more and more people lost everything they had thanks to his ideology and idiocy! Who knows, maybe Pooty Poot was listening to him and he built one of Dr Evil’s sharks with a FRICKIN LASER BEAM ON ITS HEAD for the next time the Rotten Royals are stinking up a beach in Haiwaii…

  2. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 4/04/14 at 4:18 am

    “Next week, I’ll send Congress a budget that will rebuild…transportation systems & support millions of jobs”

    Taxpayer-supported employment. Nice.