Obama: Democrats Offer “Common-Sense, Practical, Fact-Based, Reasoned Approach to Solving Problems”

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 at 7:40 am

We understand if you can’t read past the headline because you’re dying of laughter. Our fearless leader took time out of his busy day Tuesday to tie up Manhattan traffic some more as he campaigned for desperate Democrats at the home of a fatcat fundraiser, where he attacked the same people who are helping out with his new war, the GOP.

Nice to see he appreciates their support.

Americans believe “their government doesn’t seem to be capable of working anymore,” President Obama told a gathering of Democratic donors Tuesday in New York City.

Obama blamed the growing dissatisfaction on Republicans, saying “the opposition on the other side has become ideologically driven and has become incapable of compromise.” By contrast, Obama argued, Democrats employ a “common-sense, practical, fact-based, reasoned approach to solving problems.”

His record low approval ratings? The GOP’s fault, obviously? All his failures, pretty much too numerous to chronicle? Not his fault.

Obama also said he planned to go all out ahead of the November midterms to help keep control of the Senate in his party’s hands.

“I’m prepared to do whatever I can over the next month on behalf of that vision,” Obama said.

Obama was speaking at at the home of investment banker Mark Gallogly, and tickets to the event ranged between $25,000 and $32,400. It was the president’s 14th event of the cycle for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. According to CBS News, it was the president’s 48th Democratic fundraiser so far this year.

In a demonstration of his fact-based, reasoned approach to solving problems, Obama Tuesday claimed so-called “climate change” is the greatest threat facing the world this century. Yes, really.

Climate change is not just an “urgent and growing threat”; it’s the most important and consequential issue of the 21st Century. The science is undeniable, as are the signs of rising danger all around us. We know what we have to do to combat that threat. We are dangerously close to condemning the next generation to a future that “is beyond our capacity to repair.”

Remember, he said “fact-based.”  Meanwhile, he also noted the fight against Islamic terrorism isn’t an existential threat like the Cold War. But we suppose junk science is?

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  1. Oberlin Pajamas and Free Health Care on 25/25/14 at 1:56 pm

    I really just wanted some hope, fruity pajamas and free healthcare comrade.
    I hope a Kenyan Santa Claus brings me a free welfare check too!