Obama Defends Latest Lawless ObamaCare Delay: ‘We’re Smoothing Out This Transition’

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 at 3:05 pm

How does one smooth out a trainwreck?

President Obama on Tuesday downplayed the second delay of ObamaCare’s employer mandate, saying it would only affect a “small percentage” of businesses.

Obama defended the decision as something that would smooth the transition to ObamaCare and give people time to comply with the law.

“This was an example of, administratively, us making sure that we’re smoothing out this transition, giving people the opportunities to get right with the law but recognizing that there are going to be circumstances in which people are trying to do the right thing, and it may take a little bit of time,” Obama told reporters at a joint press conference with French President François Hollande.

Republicans have blasted the delay, which gives businesses with between 50 and 99 workers until 2016 before they have to comply with the mandate.

They have repeatedly criticized Obama for delaying aspects of the law until after the 2014 midterm elections.

“It’s time to stop creating more chaos, and to delay ObamaCare for all Americans,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Monday.

We’re so old we can remember when it was un-American to suggest delaying ObamaCare. Good times. Meanwhile, what would it look like if a President Romney did this? It’s not hard to imagine:

The move comes hot on the heels of news that the agency would not be enforcing the provisions in the law that require Americans to buy approved health insurance until after the next election. Now, as then, a simple explanation was forthcoming. “The president won,” a White House aide told National Review Online. “His disdain for the law was ratified by the people. Now he’s going to fundamentally transform it.”

“This is an utter disgrace,” griped Senator Chuck Schumer (D, N.Y). “This law was passed through Congress, signed by the previous president, and upheld by the Supreme Court.”

Schumer’s colleague, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, described the Romney administration’s behavior as “the nuclear option.” “This abuse of executive discretion is beyond the pale,” Reid fumed. “I’m a lawyer, I know.” (For more information on the American system of government please take a look at Ezra Klein’s comprehensive explanatory primer, “Our Constitution in Exile: Why Everything President Romney Does Is Illegal,” over at VoxProg. Alternatively, consult Greg Sargent’s excellent Washington Post column, “Article I: A Love Story,” published January 20th, 2013.)

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