Obama Comes Out in Favor of Gun Confiscation

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 at 7:10 am
Barack Obama

He claims to “respect” gun right, but judge him by his actions.

President Obama has praised Australia’s gun laws, saying that the U.S.’s high rate of mass shooting ‘makes no sense’.

Speaking at a Q&A at the White House, just hours after a shooting at an Oregon high school that claimed the life of one student, the president said that his ‘biggest frustration’ about his time in office is that he has not been able to make more progress with tightening gun laws.

He commended the changes to gun laws introduced in Australia in 1996 after the Port Arthur massacre, which claimed the lives of 35 people.

‘A couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown, and Australia just said “Well that’s it, we’re not seeing that again.” And basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws and they haven’t had a mass shooting since,’ said President Obama.

It’s also a country with a population roughly one-tenth the size of ours and they don’t have marauders pouring over open borders. And good luck confiscating weapons from over 100 million gun owners.

‘Now we have a different tradition, we have a second amendment, we have historically respected gun rights, I respect gun rights, but the fact that we couldn’t even get a background check in… it makes no sense.

‘Our levels of gun violence are off the charts, there’s no advanced, developed country on earth that would put up with this,’ he said.

You ever notice he never says a word about the rampant violence in his hometown of Chicago, a city with perhaps the strictest gun control laws on the books? We all know what the problem is there, and it isn’t guns. It’s about control:

Worryingly, Obama appears not to understand how the American background check system works. He would like to see an arrangement, he said, in which anybody who wishes to buy a weapon has to “go through a fairly rigorous process so we know who you are, so that you can’t just walk up to a store and buy a semi-automatic weapon.” This is already the case. Under federal law, nobody in the United States can buy a gun from a store without a background check. The question at hand is whether one should have to undergo a background check when one sells a gun privately. Some states require residents to do so; others don’t. It is beyond astonishing that a president who considers his failure to reform the background-check system to be the defining low-point of his presidency has not yet bothered to acquaint himself with how that system actually operates.

Obama gave the impression that gun-violence is on the increase. This is false. As both Pew and the Department of Justice recorded last year, the majority of Americans believe that gun violence is proliferating when it is in fact dropping. This year marked a 20-year low. More than anything, America has a copycat problem in its schools.

But Obama needs to do and say anything to distract from his multiple scandals and myriad failures. Pushing failed “solutions” like even more gun control will always backfire on his party. So bring it on. Oh, and when anti-gun nuts like Obama mouth made up statistics to support their nonsensical policies, just remember they’re lying 100% of the time:

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4 Responses to “Obama Comes Out in Favor of Gun Confiscation”

  1. Killgore Trout-sniffer on 11/11/14 at 9:15 am

    Obviously, Charles C. Johnson isn’t our “beloved” liberal fart-sniffer, failed photographer, and pedal-pumping fat boy Chubbles Jhosnon of Lardy Great Fatballs.

  2. Father Confessor on 11/11/14 at 10:44 am

    God, I hated Johnson after he decided to turn coat. I got banned after I wondered if he’d finally pissed off Zombie.

  3. Harun on 11/11/14 at 12:47 pm

    If you wanted to reduce school mass shootings in the US, the first step would not be to limit the 2nd amendment but instead limit the 1st amendment.

    Its the press coverage of these events that motivates many shooters to try to get their grievances aired via a mass shooting.

    Of course, the media could voluntarily control itself, but they make far too much money off school shootings.