Obama at Opulent NYC Fundraiser: GOP’s “Main Election Strategy is Preventing People from Voting”

Posted by on May 14, 2014 at 9:11 pm

Does this clown even realize what he’s talking about any more?

 Rousing Democrats for their fight to keep the Senate, President Barack Obama mounted a searing critique of the Republican Party on Wednesday, accusing his political foes of thwarting progress on everything from wages to scientific research and climate change.

In what’s become an election-year routine for the president, Obama took the mic at an opulent Manhattan apartment and urged Democrats not to let their party’s tendency to neglect midterm elections hand Republicans a chance to capture the Senate. Such a turn of events would essentially halt his agenda for his final two years in office.

“We have a party on the other side that has been captured by an ideology that says ‘no’ to everything,” Obama said, “because they claim to a rigid theory that the only way to grow the economy is for the government to be dismantled.”

Who has ever called for the government to be dismantled? He’s lost his mind.

In the past, such a bleak description of the Grand Old Party might have been an exaggeration, Obama said, but not anymore. Extending his critique to the Republican approach to winning elections, he charged that the GOP’s “main election strategy is preventing people from voting” — a nod to voter ID laws and other restrictions that Democrats have opposed.

Of course Americans ovewhelmingly support common sense voter ID laws, but when has public opinion ever stopped these lunatics?

Obama’s pep talk also included a healthy dose of tough love. He said his own party suffers from a “congenital disease” in which its supporters get revved up during presidential years, then fail to show up at the polls for midterm elections, hamstringing the party’s prospects in Congress.

“We have to break that cycle,” Obama told Democratic donors who packed the Upper East Side apartment belonging to Blair Effron. The investment banker and his wife hosted Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a few dozen donors who paid $32,400 for the chance to see the president in person.

Let’s see the names since Obama believes in transparency and open government. Oh, wait.

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