Obama Announces Capture of IRS Suspect Lois Lerner

Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 at 6:50 am
Lois Lerner

OK, we’re being facetious, but it does seem more than a bit ironic that suspects relevant to two of Obama’s many scandals suddenly are arriving here this week just as King Putt needs distractions from his Iraq debacle.

First there was the capture of media star Abu Khattala in Libya early this week, then Wednesday night came word that a suspect in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was being extradited to the United States. Some wonder when Fast & Furious perp Eric Holder might face the music:

Wait, are we allowed to question the timing?

Meanwhile, as the cockamamie story that emails belonging to Lois Lerner and a number of her co-conspirators have been lost, Congressional Republicans are demanding the IRS email hard drives in an effort to reveal the truth. If they get close to the facts you can expect Obama to give Lerner up faster than he can make a Saturday tee time.

Congressional Republicans are hunting for hard drives, smartphones and maintenance logs that they think could yield emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Two House committees — Ways and Means and Oversight — are investigating IRS claims that Lerner’s hard drive failed in 2011, likely erasing emails they believe to be relevant to their probe of the scrutiny that was given to Tea Party groups.

The IRS says backup copies of the emails no longer exist because until last year, it only kept such tapes for six months before recycling them.

The agency has yet to say what became of Lerner’s hard drive, though Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, and several GOP aides say they have been told the drive no longer exists.

Lerner, the central figure in the IRS controversy, and other agency staffers discussed the drive going to the “hard drive cemetery” in 2011 if its contents couldn’t be saved, according to emails released Friday.

Some technology experts say the hard drive would be the only way to retrieve Lerner’s emails if the IRS did not keep a backup.

“If they have a locked-down email system like that, I don’t know that there’s any other way to get email from a different source,” said Michael Hall, the chief information security officer with the data recovery firm DriveSavers. “Those are the sources.”

“The only absolute definitive last-ditch, best-shot effort would be the original hard drive,” he added. “But if it’s not around, then it’s not around.”

Does anyone in their right mind believe for a second that if you told the IRS your tax documents were lost in a crash that they would give you the benefit of the doubt? Neither do we. This is so clumsy an effort at a cover-up that anyone even tossing this out there should face charges for insulting our intelligence.

This was not a lapse in judgment or a series of unfortunate events. This was an organized campaign to use IRS resources — including its ability to launch criminal prosecutions — for political purposes. We know from other Lerner e-mails that have been released that the IRS was, at the suggestion of Rhode Island Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse, looking for a way to “piece together” a criminal case against the groups it was targeting. Lerner and lawyers at the Justice Department discussed coordinating with the Federal Election Commission in this crusade. It is worth noting that the “crime” with which Lerner et al. wanted to charge those conservative nonprofits was failing to adequately disclose what political activities they would be engaged in — even though under the law they are explicitly permitted to engage in political activity.

We have no doubt that Lois Lerner’s hard drive has in fact been compromised. We’d be shocked if it hadn’t been. Goodness knows what else is being done with evidence while Congress proceeds at its customary majestic pace. The question here is not only the crime that has been committed but whether there is a crime in progress.

We can’t wait for Team Obama to begin whining that the GOP is politicizing a case that was political from the get-go. In fact it was a criminal conspiracy to deny the rights of law-abiding Americans, and all those involved need to be prosecuted. All the way to the top.

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  1. Redwine on 20/20/14 at 4:57 am

    Subpoena the damn backup servers. Subpoena the NSA. Every single keystroke is stored.