NYC Parents Enraged Schools Open During Brutal Storm; Schools Chancellor: “It is absolutely a beautiful day out there right now”

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The bumbling mayor of New York just held a press conference and tried to explain away his incompetence for leaving public schools open today.

Parents, teachers and school kids lashed out Thursday morning at schools Chancellor Carmen Farina for keeping public schools open as a huge Nor’easter slammed the city.

“Why the public school system is open today in these conditions is astounding. Putting the lives of teachers, administrators, and most importantly, children, in danger by telling them to travel in this weather (many roads are still unplowed) is incomprehensible. Chancellor Farina and the DOE staff: you have some serious explaining to do,” said James Hong on the Department of Education’s Facebook page, which had hundreds of negative comments.

“My legal question: Is the “chancellor” going to be personally responsible for any injuries or unfortunate deaths that may occur to students and teachers from her imbecilic decision?” asked Beth Joy.

It’s quite obvious the hallmark of his administration will be arrogance and belligerence. As cars and buses are strewn about the city stuck in the snow, his schools chancellor too to the mic to utter a line that will surely go down in infamy.

Question: If there’s an emergency, then why go ahead and keep the schools open?

“Unlike certain other cities in this country, we don’t shut down in the face of adversity,” de Blasio says.

New York City schools chancellor Carmen Farina takes the mic.

“As a teacher, one of the things I learned early on, is you learn new lessons every day… One of the things we’re going to go back and think about is… because of past experience… we never made the calls on snow days until the morning of, and many people complained about it.” So they switched to making the call the night before.

“Because this storm was so unpredictable,” she says, they may have gotten this particular call wrong.

By the way, “It has totally stopped snowing,” Farina advises – the view out the window notwithstanding. “It is absolutely a beautiful day out there right now.”

De Blasio better pray to his Marxist god nothing bad happens to any kids trying to get home in this mess. Reporters peppered him with questions about endangering children, which he brusquely dismissed. We suspect the honeymoon has already ended.

John Podhoretz summed it up:

Update: Video via WPIX:

Meanwhile, Al Roker open up a massive can of whoop-ass on the clown de Blasio:

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