NYC Dictator de Blasio Already Craters to 39% Approval

Posted by on Mar 07, 2014 at 7:44 am
Bill de Blasio

This is what happens when these socialist morons assume office and leave entire neighborhoods repeatedly unplowed during multiple snowstorms, look to punitively tax wealth creators and target charter schools for extinction. New Yorkers clearly didn’t realize what an idiot they voted for, but hey, he’s their problem now.

When one starts thinking Anthony Weiner probably would have been a better choice, you’ve got a serious problem two months into your term.

Thirty-nine percent of registered voters in New York City approve of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s job performance two months after he took the reins of the nation’s largest city, a poll from The Wall Street Journal-NBC 4 New York-Marist showed Thursday.

While many New Yorkers have a favorable view of the city’s new mayor, saying Mr. de Blasio cares about the average person and is fulfilling his campaign promises, they don’t give him high marks as a chief executive. Mr. de Blasio, who previously served as public advocate and a councilman from Brooklyn, became the city’s first Democratic mayor in 20 years when he succeeded Michael Bloomberg on Jan. 1.

According to the poll, the first WSJ-NBC-Marist survey of his tenure, 10% of voters described Mr. de Blasio’s job performance as excellent and 29% characterized it as good, while 37% rated it as fair and 20% said he is doing poorly. The poll showed 5% either never heard of the mayor or were unsure how to rate him.

Mr. de Blasio’s job-performance rating is markedly lower than Mr. Bloomberg’s at the same point after he took office in 2002. At that time, 50% approved of Mr. Bloomberg’s job performance, and only 6% said Mr. Bloomberg was doing poorly in his new job.

“He still [has] a lot to do to convince people that he’s on top of the managing of the city and literally making positive changes—that’s not coming through yet to people,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

Mr. Miringoff said he thinks Mr. de Blasio’s low job-performance numbers might be related to lingering unhappiness with the state of the economy, and he said that is reflected in job ratings for elected officials across the country.

Even though voters are giving the mayor low marks on his performance at City Hall, nearly six in 10 voters have a favorable opinion of Mr. de Blasio, while 33% have an unfavorable one. Just before Election Day, 64% thought favorably of Mr. de Blasio, and 26% had a negative impression of him.

“Mayor de Blasio has focused the first 60 days of his administration on building, running and changing the direction of the government, and with a 59% favorability rating, the majority of New Yorkers approve of the direction he’s taking the city,” a spokeswoman for the mayor said.

Did this twit even see the new poll numbers? Whatever the case, like Obama, who has a 38% approval, nothing will deter this clown from moving further left. These hard-left types know only one thing: Punish your enemies and reward your friends.

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7 Responses to “NYC Dictator de Blasio Already Craters to 39% Approval”

  1. mike191 on 7/07/14 at 9:53 am

    Mayor ,de “pathogen”, is the poster boy for NYC becoming the 51st state.

    “…he’s their problem now.” With his destruction of the charter schools conjoined with his schemes to raise taxes effects all of the State.This clown would drain all monies from the people living west of the Hudson river in a “NYC Minute.”

  2. Travis McGee on 7/07/14 at 10:14 am

    NYC gets what they deserve for voting for this hard core socialist. Wish I could feel sorry for them. I do feel sorry for the children that will miss out on a good education but they have their parents to thank for that. I bet they voted overwhelmingly for de Blasio.

  3. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 10/10/14 at 2:46 am

    NYC Dictator de Blasio Already Craters to 39% Approval

    Why, oh why did the dumbf-cks in NYC vote the guy into the mayor’s office then????

  4. observer on 11/11/14 at 10:57 am

    To my experience at least 80% of NYCites are so consumed by envy
    that they have no concept of reality or decency and hence are eager to vote for leftist idiots such as de Blasio who promise to take what the more successful have.
    Let us hope de Blasio delivers them the hell the city’s populace of nasties deserve. Envy is one of Christianity’s deadly sins for good reasons.