NY Times Tool Asks the Important Question: Go After ISIS or Cut the NYC Speed Limit

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 at 6:26 am

Deep thinker Josh Barro of the New York Times thinks he’s got the solution to save lives: Lower the speed limit in New York to 25 MPH:

Forget about stopping these bloodthirsty headchoppers. Just enact a law! Amazingly, some people take him seriously:

So simple it’s hard to believe someone else didn’t come up with it, huh?

Well, actually, some people do, but not the crack reporter for the New York Times.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” plan was signed into law Saturday.
As WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reported, it may feel like a crawl for some drivers, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is determined to pull the brakes on pedestrian accidents and fatalities in the city.

He signed legislation into law at the Javits Center Saturday that will lower the default speed limit from 30 to 25 mph.

De Blasio said it’s a necessary component for his “Vision Zero” plan to eliminate traffic deaths within 10 years.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg echoed that sentiment Saturday, saying the move will save lives.

“When you lower the speed limit, the chances of a person being killed is cut in half when you reduce the speed limit of the moving vehicle from 30 to 25,” she said.

That was back on August 9. Perhaps Joshy was busy hobnobbing with the Hamptons elite and missed the news. Besides, he’s only a reporter for a New York City paper, so how would he know this stuff? Oddly enough, ISIS hasn’t stopped their march through the Middle East since Cuomo signed the law. Here’s a better question to ask:

Much easier to take to Twitter to ask stupid questions, of course.

Reading Barro, no doubt.

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