NY GOP to Use Cuomo’s Idiotic Statement Against Him in 2014 Races: “It’s clear to everyone who the extremist is”

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 at 7:37 am
Andrew Cuomo

Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean leftwing radical Andrew Cuomo is in and political danger as far as his re-election is concerned, but his ridiculous assertion that conservatives have no place in New York State could well hurt Democrats down-ticket in Congressional contests.

State Republicans plan to use Gov. Cuomo’s stunning claim that “extreme conservatives” — defined as pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and supporters of gun rights — have “no place in New York’’ to challenge Democrats across the state in the fall elections, GOP strategists told The Post.

Cuomo’s jaw-dropping declaration, which Republicans call a major game-changing blunder, has energized once-despondent GOP voters, insulted Roman Catholics, evangelical Protestants and Orthodox Jews, and has brought them into a de facto alliance with gun-rights activists already furious over Cuomo’s “Safe Act,’’ according to the strategists.

“This is definitely going to help our candidates for governor, for Congress, for the state Senate and for the Assembly,’’ said national GOP strategist John McLaughlin, who has helped run many New York campaigns.

“Does Chuck Schumer agree with Cuomo? Does Kirsten Gillibrand, Sheldon Silver, or upstate marginal Democratic congressmen? It’s going to be very interesting to see what the Democrats have to say about Cuomo.

Of course Schumer agrees with him. He’s one of chief architects of the strategy calling anyone who disagrees with him an extremist. Gillbrand is his puppet so whatever Chuckie says she does. But if you’re a moderate Congressional Democrats in a tight race in a mixed district, good luck defending Cuomo.

Former state GOP Executive Director Brendan Quinn called Cuomo’s remark a “major mistake’’ that would mean his taken-for-granted re-election contest this year is no longer a certainty.

“The statement will drive a much bigger base turnout in November, and that’s going to help Republicans, including the candidates for governor and . . . Congress and the Legislature.

“To see such a major mistake from someone who prided himself on his discipline during his years as attorney general and governor is really amazing,’’ Quinn continued.

Republican insiders also say that Cuomo’s statement makes it more likely that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will decide to seek his party’s nomination for governor.

An Astorino adviser compared Cuomo’s statement to presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s damaging “47 percent’’ remark about the large number of voters he said are dependent on government and, therefore, always vote Democratic.

As a result of Cuomo’s remark, Astorino has also won pledges of financial support from “across the country,’’ the adviser said.

Between Cuomo and the dopey Mayor of New York City you can be assured business will also be leaving the state, with those left behind being forced to pay even more onerous taxes. Not that these people will ever own up to the fact their own words are responsible for a dwindling tax base.

Republicans had expected Cuomo to attempt to brand the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and pro-gun rights Astorino as an “extreme conservative’’ if he entered the race for governor — but, because of his own remark, that’s now become “impossible,’’ the adviser said.

It’s clear to everyone who the extremist is, and it’s not Rob. I mean, my God, saying that certain people don’t belong in New York, you can’t get much more extreme than that.”

While Cuomo’s harsh statement was backed by Mayor de Blasio, it was condemned by commentators across the nation and across the political spectrum.

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One Response to “NY GOP to Use Cuomo’s Idiotic Statement Against Him in 2014 Races: “It’s clear to everyone who the extremist is””

  1. John on 27/27/14 at 8:21 am

    Andrew’s quip isn’t playing very well north of Putnam Country, unless you’re a state worker in Albany or a Cornell University prof in Ithaca. So I would expect upstate GOP members (along with those in the far southern reaches of NYC) to hold Democratic pols to either endorsing or rejecting his statements, but it woiuld be nice if the state Republicans could actually nominate someone who — even if they don’t win — won’t be a human gaffe machine all summer and fall.