NY GOP Chair Predicts 2016 Democrat Nominee Will Be … Bill de Blasio

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 at 7:47 am
Bill de Blasio

Raise your hand if you knew New York still has a Republican Party. Now this is clearly a nightmare scenario for America, which couldn’t possibly be so reckless as to elect a far left radical, right?

Oh wait, we did that twice already.

Mayor de Blasio — not Hillary Rodham Clinton — will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

That’s the jaw-dropping prediction being made by New York’s top Republican, state GOP Chairman Ed Cox, who, as son-in-law to former President Richard Nixon, knows a thing or two about national politics.

Cox, citing information provided by a prominent “Democratic lobbyist,’’ told friends and associates in recent days that freshman Mayor de Blasio’s effort to promote himself as the leader of the “urban progressive centers of the nation’’ is part of a well-oiled plan to prepare for a presidential run.

“It’s like Barack Obama; he was a brand-new freshman senator, and he ran for president and won. I think de Blasio is going to do it,’’ Cox said at a recent gathering, a source told The Post.

Cox also cited de Blasio’s remarkably close but dicey ties to the controversial, and racially divisive, Rev. Al Sharpton, an Obama friend and one-time Democratic presidential hopeful who has a vast national political network, as evidence that the mayor sees his political future as somewhere beyond New York City, the source said.

After two more years of the current disaster the Democrat brand may be so toxic it could be quite some time before another Marxist is elected, but who knows? It’s not as if Democrats are going to moderate coming off the disastrous midterms. Their strategy is to move even further left while pretending they’re something they’re not. Sound familiar?

“The national Democratic Party is going hard left. It’s Obama’s party, and that’s why [freshman Mass. Sen.] Elizabeth Warren gets them excited,’’ Cox said recently. “But Hillary voted for the Iraq war and then doubled-down by saying we should have gotten more involved in Syria and talked about businesses not creating jobs. She’s trying to ride in as a moderate when the party’s gone hard left,’’ he continued.

One other factor Cox is way off base here: This hack de Blasio is only in his first term, facing re-election in 2017. The chances of him starting a run for the White House in 2015 is pretty far-fetched.

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One Response to “NY GOP Chair Predicts 2016 Democrat Nominee Will Be … Bill de Blasio”

  1. Eddie on 19/19/14 at 6:02 pm

    “Raise your hand if you knew New York still has a Republican Party. ” Does the fool know that the GOP controls the NY State Senate? What a nincompoop.