New Zealand Jihadi In Syria Having Regrets After Burning His Passport

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All you can do is point and laugh at this moron. Then hope a drone strike puts him out of his misery.

A Kiwi jihadist who has links with al Qaeda and has taken up arms in Syria wants to leave the war-torn country — but first needs a fresh New Zealand passport after burning his old one.

Mohammad Daniel, also know as Abu Abdul Rahman, and formerly known as Mark John Taylor, says war-torn Syria needs humanitarian aid rather than a bloody jihad.

We’re left to wonder which of his three names he’d like on his fresh passport.

He claims to have been in touch with the New Zealand government in a bid to get a new passport.

“They don’t seem concern [sic] I’m in Syria,” Mr Daniel wrote on Facebook from war-ravaged Aleppo.

Heartbreaking how the folks in New Zealand aren’t expressing much concern for this psychopath. Almost makes one shed a tear.

In 2009, Mr Daniel was arrested by Pakistan authorities while trying to gain access to an al Qaeda and Taleban stronghold close to the Afghanistan border and was subsequently subjected to travel restrictions by the New Zealand government.

He left New Zealand again in May 2012, and lived in Indonesia for two years working as an English teacher.

Anyone receiving English lessons from this buffoon should demand a refund.

In June this year, he entered Syria across the Turkish border.

“I come to Syria as a Soldier for Allah,” he told the Herald on Sunday at the time.

Online, he claims to be an “adventurer living in Syria. I have no links to any groups. I’m independent, living under good care by Muslim brothers”.

He has posted photographs of himself clutching machine guns and boasted of going on “patrol” and doling “guard duty”.

Earlier this year, he also proudly displayed his burnt New Zealand passport on Facebook and declared he was on a “one-way trip” with no intention of returning home.

Now, it appears he has changed his mind.

If they let this clown back into New Zealand they deserve what they get.

Via Tim Blair.

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