‘NBC Washington Bureau Workers are Incredulous’ That ‘Under-qualified’ Luke Russert Getting $500K for ‘Meet the Press’ Gig

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 at 11:09 am
Luke Russert

Considering these dolts paid the completely untalented Chelsea Clinton $600,000, this may actually seem like a bargain.

After Chelsea Clinton left her cushy $600,000 gig at NBC late last month, the network’s reportedly handed $500,000 to the son of Tim Russert.

DC blogger Evan Gahr’s Washington Gadfly column claims Luke Russert — the 29-year-old son of late “Meet the Press” legend Tim — “landed a $500,000 bonus for his new gig as a panelist” on his dad’s old show, and that “NBC Washington bureau workers are incredulous” that “under-qualified Luke” is getting the dough.

Clinton had no experience in journalism when she was hired as “special correspondent” by NBC in 2011.

Luke’s been a congressional correspondent for NBC, and had a sports show on XM radio with James Carville.

An NBC rep said of the DC blog’s report: “We don’t typically comment on contracts, but in this case we feel it’s warranted: This is absolutely untrue.”

It’s not as if anyone would actually tune in to hear what this hack has to say.

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