Nancy Pelosi Pimps the Big Lie That’s Obama’s Amnesty is Just Like Reagan

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 at 11:11 am

The left has spent over three decades trashing Ronald Reagan, yet now they’re all out there repeating the lie that what Emperor Obama is doing is just like Reagan. It’s complete bullshit, but they have their talking points and are sticking to them no matter how ridiculous they look.

They’ve gotten away with lying for so long they figure nobody will call them out on it. But not this time:

Meanwhile, Gabe Malor has a fantastic piece at The Federalist demolishing this lie.

Democrats across print, web, and cable media have been repeating the claim that Obama is doing nothing more than what Presidents Reagan and Bush 41 did first. They point to executive actions taken in 1987 and 1989 that deferred the removal of certain aliens. But, as usual for Progressive commentators, they elide the crucial facts that distinguish those actions from Obama’s. The sign that you’re being swindled isn’t so much what the con artist tells you, but what he does not tell you. What the Progressive commentariat is not telling you is that the Reagan and Bush immigration orders looked nothing like Obama’s creation of a new, open-ended form of immigration relief.

Legally, illegal immigration is dealt with in two steps. First, the Department of Homeland Security (in Reagan and Bush 41′s time, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS) has to show that an alien is removable (deportable, in Reagan and Bush 41′s lingo) from the United States. Then the alien gets a chance to show that they are eligible for some form of relief from removal or deportation. Ordinarily, those forms of relief are created by Congress. There is asylum and adjustment and cancellation of removal, and so on and so forth, all set down in statute by Congress over the decades (more than a century in the case of certain waivers) in an overlapping mess of eligibilities and disqualifiers and discretionary decisions.

Read the rest. Meanwhile, reliably dishonest liberal hack Juan Williams repeated this lie over and over again on Hannity Wednesday night, looking like a bigger fool than usual:

These people have nothing but contempt for the American public.

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