Mike Lupica Urges Obama to Do Something About ISIS By Going on Tirade Against Bush and Cheney

Posted by on Sep 03, 2014 at 8:39 am

This little puke can’t go a single day without pathetically obsessing on the evil Bush and Cheney. Time to move on, already.

“These are animals trying to intimidate us, and intimidate the world, with one chilling video like this after another,” Rep. Pete King, Republican out of Long Island, was saying late Tuesday afternoon. “We keep getting reminded of the downside of instant worldwide communication in the process. And we have to sit there and watch as these people are given a power that they wouldn’t normally be able to get.”

Then King, once chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said:

This isn’t a time for partisan politics. It’s not. But it is essential for the President to show real leadership now. He cannot continue to tell us, and tell the enemy at the same time, what he’s NOT going to do, with such a terrible threat to us and to the West.”

No time for partisan politics, unless you’re a partisan hack like Little Mikey Lupica.

Of course there are no easy answers here. No one in his right mind is asking — or telling — President Obama to invade Syria, to somehow sacrifice more American lives in that part of the world after all that have been sacrificed because George W. Bush, a war-loving President with a war profiteer as vice president, decided to blow up Saddam Hussein and blow up Iraq in the shadow of Sept. 11.

War profiteer? Does he even know what that lame cliche means? A war-loving president? Is there a shred of evidence anywhere that George W. Bush loves war?

How idiotic. But yes, it gets dumber:

You continue to hear that no good purpose is served by continuing to prosecute Bush and Cheney for the lies that got us into Iraq and killed and wounded so many American men and women, no good purpose in looking back. Well, why not? How can anyone begin to understand the way Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria have become the kind of farm system for terrorists they’ve become over the last decade without understanding the deadly and calamitous foreign policy decisions of Bush the Son, and an SOB like Dick Cheney?

Does this pipsqueak even realize Bush and Cheney are no longer in office and there are no war tribunals scheduled for them? Really, give it a rest already.

This time, it was the Obama administration that was slow in identifying how dangerous and how well-organized ISIS had become. Thirteen years ago next week, it was Bush and Cheney and their intelligence who didn’t see Osama Bin Laden coming, or the growing menace of Al Qaeda, the way the world was slow to identify the threat of Nazi Germany in the 1930s before millions of innocents died.

Nary a mention of Bill Clinton, who for years missed every opportunity to get bin Laden. Yet nine months into office Bush was completely responsible for 9/11. Six years after Bush left office and he’s responsible for Obama’s mess. How convenient.


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4 Responses to “Mike Lupica Urges Obama to Do Something About ISIS By Going on Tirade Against Bush and Cheney”

  1. jdflorida on 4/04/14 at 8:34 am

    I’ll never forget the Sports Reporters show the day of the Super Bowl between the unbeaten Patriots and NY Giants. Little Lupy definitely, and with disgust, dismissed the idea of any chance the Giants had of beating the Patriots. Nice call, genius.

    The methane gas-emitting little shrimp never said a word about his crappy prediction.

    In the end, he’s just another big mouthed liberal that thinks he has all the answers and any opposition to his viewpoint is reckless and ignorant. Shut up, shrimp. Just shut up.