Massively Popular: Tickets for Hillary Clinton Speech Going at 66% Discount

Posted by on May 29, 2014 at 8:44 am

How can this be? We figure for someone in such hot demand tickets would be at a premium.

Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the 1STBANK Center next week in Broomfield, Colorado. But it appears event organizers are having a hard time selling out: tickets to the event have been put on sale, and are now selling for 66 percent cheaper than the original sale price.

The sale is being offered through Living Social, which titles the event, “Ticket to Keynote Speaker: Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Tickets originally priced at $175 are now being offered for $59. Before long they’ll be going for nothing. Hard to believe considering how hot she allegedly is these days.


One Response to “Massively Popular: Tickets for Hillary Clinton Speech Going at 66% Discount”

  1. Czar of Uncivility on 29/29/14 at 5:04 pm

    None of the good comrades from Marxist University are interested? Maybe they could check their trust fund while crushing the capitalist pig state at Starbucks in Warner Bros. Guy Fawkes masks while waiting for their iMaxipad to recharge and surfing the web on free wifi on their oh so unique and no one else has one Mac laptops.