Making up good news about Obamacare

Posted by on Apr 01, 2014 at 7:53 am

The stated goal of Obamacare was not to move millions of privately insured Americans into taxpayer-subsidized health coverage. The goal was to cover the uninsured. That was the justification for all the chaos and disruption Americans have experienced — and that is the standard by which the administration should be judged.

So how is it doing? We don’t know yet, but the signs are not good. A March survey by McKinsey & Co. found that only 27 percent of consumers who had purchased new coverage in the individual insurance market in February were previously uninsured — up from 11 percent in January. But McKinsey also found that the payment rate for the previously uninsured was just 53 percent, compared with 86 percent for the previously insured. We don’t know how many of those policies were purchased through Obamacare, but remember: Those who sign up and do not pay are not actually enrolled.

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2 Responses to “Making up good news about Obamacare”

  1. Lofo Voters Swipe Their EBT Today on 1/01/14 at 2:12 pm

    If it is on teevee it is etched on a stone tablet somewhere and is the gospel. Pawn Stars is real and 7million comrades have signed up.

  2. burt on 7/07/14 at 3:46 pm

    They are never honest about what their goals are. If they were, not even their low information voters would want it.