Lowlife Democrat Jim Moran Retiring

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 at 8:30 am

Seems to be an awful lot of senior Democrats retiring these days. Rats jumping off the sinking ship, so to speak.

Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran will retire after 23 years in the House, according to multiple Democratic sources.

The former mayor or Alexandria, Va., will make the announcement Wednesday morning, according to party sources.

One less anti-Semitic creep in the House. Iowahawk sums it up nicely:

He won’t be missed. Who knows, maybe his thug son will run for the open seat.

In states where non-photo ID is required, it’s also all too easy to manufacture records that allow people to vote. In 2012, the son of Congressman Jim Moran, the Democrat who represents Virginia’s Washington suburbs, had to resign as field director for his father’s campaign after it became clear that he had encouraged voter fraud. Patrick Moran was caught advising an O’Keefe videographer on how to commit in-person voter fraud. The scheme involved using a personal computer to forge utility bills that would satisfy Virginia’s voter-ID law and then relying on the assistance of Democratic lawyers stationed at the polls to make sure the fraudulent votes were counted. Last year, Virginia tightened its voter-ID law and ruled that showing a utility bill was no longer sufficient to obtain a ballot.


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