Latest Democrat Fundraising Email: ‘Accept Defeat; We are Completely Out of Ideas’

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Finally the Democrats are telling the truth:

Accept Defeat
Democrats 2014
To: Me Today at 1:30 PM

We are completely out of ideas.

After President Clinton emailed you this morning to ask for help, we really thought we would be in a better place.
But we aren’t. The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and the other Republican outside groups are spending millions against us. It’s the biggest spending spree of any midterm election EVER. So big — it doesn’t even look like President Clinton’s email can dig us out of this hole.
Mentioning the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove confirms they’re out of ideas.
There is still time, though. Things are rough, but we’re not ready to accept defeat. If we can bring in 5O,OOO donations before tomorrow’s ad buy deadline, we can get back on track. Will you answer President Clinton’s call-to-action today?
No. Speaking of the washed-up womanizer, one of his former girlfriends crawled out from under a rock to inexplicably address an under-30 gathering today. Odd choice considering she’s in her 40s.

Oh, and who did she blame for her woes? Matt Drudge, of course. Some nitwit gushes:

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3 Responses to “Latest Democrat Fundraising Email: ‘Accept Defeat; We are Completely Out of Ideas’”

  1. Jay Guevara on 22/22/14 at 11:42 am

    “5O,OOO donations”

    Attention, Democrat geniuses: a capital “O” is not the same as the numeral “0.”