Laptop Seized From ISIS Jihadi Contains Banana Mousse Recipes, Celine Dion Songs and American Neo-Nazi Speeches

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 at 8:01 am

We’re thinking this guy is just a bit conflicted.

RECIPES for bombs and banana mousse existed side by side on a laptop seized from terrorist organisation IS in Syria.

The Dell computer belonging to 24-year-old jihadist Muhammed S contained speeches by both Muslim and Neo-Nazi extremists.

Bizarrely, it also showed he had listened to music by Celine Dion, according to Foreign Policy journalists, who were handed the laptop by the commander of a moderate Syrian rebel group.

Abu Ali found the laptop during a raid on a deserted IS hideout in Idlib, close to Syria’s border with Turkey.

The hard drive is a fascinating insight into the mind of an extremist.

As well as being interested in baking cakes and making caramel, the Tunisian chemistry and physics student had amassed hundreds of guides to poisoning people and making bombs.

They come from all manner of extremist groups, with publications ranging from The Terrorist’s Handbook to The Anarchist Cookbook to a Neo-Nazi e-book called The White Resistance Manual.

One video showed former American Nazi Party member Kurt Saxon explaining how to obtain deadly ricin from castor beans.

Here we thought Celine DIon music would be used as a form of tortue against jihadis. Perhaps he was just immunizing himself.

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