LA Times Pulitzer Prize Winner: Leland Yee Might Be a Bad Guy, But Koch Brothers

Posted by on Apr 01, 2014 at 8:39 pm

In the event you’re not aware who Leland Yee is, and you have no idea if you watch CNN, he’s just your garden-variety Democrat who’s into raising money by smuggling arms to Muslim rebels via the Russians, among other chicanery. But hey, Koch Brothers:

Koch Derangement Syndrome. There is no cure.

Why, yes he did.

No, they usually call them friends.

3 Responses to “LA Times Pulitzer Prize Winner: Leland Yee Might Be a Bad Guy, But Koch Brothers”

  1. SaveFarris on 3/03/14 at 10:04 am

    The fact that you know the donor is a Koch brother really calls into question how “anonymous” the donor really is.

  2. runningrn on 3/03/14 at 10:23 am

    Unions, the Steyer Brothers, George Soros, taxpayer funded NPR and PBS–the list goes on and on for the number of liberal entities that have a far greater reach in schilling leftist views to the public. It reminds me of how the left is always screaming about Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, when they own the airways, network news, print media, and academia. In their distorted world view the vastly outnumbered conservative voices have an unfair advantage on the playing field. And because they notoriously engage in dirty tricks–journolist and take marching orders from the Obama White House, they project their bad behavior on the right.