It’s Come to This: ‘Polar Bear-lesque, the Weirdest, Sexiest Way to Confront Climate Change’

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 at 7:57 am

This is an actual adult performing. Apparently it’s not a joke.

Q. So, what exactly happens in PolarBare?

A. It’s [set] to the song, “Winter Wonderland.” It starts with a polar bear who’s coming out of hibernation for the year. He’s a little bit disoriented, but he wakes up and sees this beautiful Arctic tundra that is his world. He says hello to world, and gets hungry.

But as he begins going hunting, he’s uncomfortably hot, and he’s distracted by that. He realizes he can take off a layer of fur, so he begins stripping. He goes back to hunting, but he’s so continually distracted. He keeps stripping because it’s so hot. He starts to get feverish chills, and has to keep stripping down and stripping down to pasties.

He eventually catches a fish, but it’s toxic. And he eats it and dies.

The audience the whole time is like, “Oooh, ha ha! Awww! Oh, yeah, take it off! Oh … ah … uh …?” And at the end, I’m just frozen dead on the stage for an awkward amount of time, until they’re like, “Oh, it’s really dead.” At first, it’s funny — a polar bear stripping! And then at the end, “Oh, the polar bears are going to die.”

So it’s about pushing the comfort zone where it’s sexy, and then — oooh, it’s sad. OK, nevermind. Not sexy.

This may be the funniest thing since the warmists got stuck in the ice a couple of weeks ago.

Via Tim Blair.

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