Irony Meter Explodes: Union Says ObamaCare Hastens Income Inequality

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 at 7:44 am
Barack Obama

Hey, maybe they should have read the bill before supporting it. We’d tell these folks to just suck it up since they support Obama, but this is a plague affecting so many people that we need a cure soon.

A new report from a major U.S. union says ObamaCare will hasten income inequality.

Although it defends the intent behind the Affordable Care Act, the report, entitled “The Irony of ObamaCare: Making inequality worse,” concludes that the law will transfer a billion dollars in wealth to insurance companies, uneven the playing field in the market, force employers to cut back on hours and result in pay decreases, Ralston Reports said.

“The promise of Obamacare was the right one and the hope for extending healthcare coverage to the un-and under-insured a step in the right direction,” the report says. “Yet the unintended consequences will hit the average, hard-working American where it hurts: in the wallet.”

The report says it’s “ironic” that the Obama administration is publicly discussing income inequality though it has yet to make the changes to ObamaCare that Unite Here believes are necessary to avoid exacerbating income disparity.

Obama, meanwhile, returned to DC from his luxury golf getaway to Florida rested and ready to fight against income inequality or something.

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