In the Wake of Massive Rebuke, Obama to Move Forward With His War on America

Posted by on Nov 05, 2014 at 4:43 pm

If there are any sane Democrats left with hopes for their party’s future, they may want to have chat with this psychopath.

President Obama had a clear message for Congressional Republicans in the wake of the GOP’s sweeping victories in the Senate and House on Tuesday: Big whoop.

“There’s no doubt that Republicans had a good night,” Obama said in his opening remarks, the rhetorical equivalent of a slow clap for Republicans. He wouldn’t go any further — even when pressed  to put a single word to the defeat as he did when he called the 2010 election a “shellacking”.  He emphasized the number of people — “two thirds” — who didn’t vote on Tuesday. Despite saying repeatedly that his policies were on the ballot on Tuesday, Obama insisted Wednesday that the message of the election wasn’t a rejection of those policies but rather a sign that the American public wanted politicians to work together to get things done. Asked whether he had made a mistake by not reaching out to Republicans more in the past few years, Obama let out an audible sigh before answering. He said it was too soon to talk about any personnel changes.

“The principles…are not going to change,” Obama insisted.

Coming off a massive wave election the GOP needs to play hardball now. Cut the purse strings off on him, unleash a barrage r of investigations in the Senate into his myriad scandals and expose him further for the lawless thug that he is. It’s obvious he’s not learned any lesson.

 “The American people should be very concerned that their president didn’t get the message of yesterday’s election,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus just after Obama’s press conference concluded.

In that case, he needs to have his powers stripped to the greatest extent the Congress and Senate can impose. The GOP also needs to develop a thick skin and ignore the media and Democrat caterwauling. Look how far you’ve come in spite of that. Ignore it and do the job the American people elected you to do last night: Stop this madman.

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