In Swipe at Obama, Hawaii Animal Lovers Look to Ban Practice of Eating Dogs

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Actually they don’t mention Obama by name, but c’mon, isn’t it obvious?

Animal lovers in Hawaii packed a legislative hearing room Thursday with poodles and pugs, asking lawmakers to ban the practice of eating cats and dogs in the state.

The House Committee on Agriculture later advanced SB 2026, a bill to ban the practice.

The Humane Society of the United States says dog slaughter for human consumption is happening across Hawaii. The group receives at least two reports a year of dogs or cats being slaughtered for food, but it says it’s hard for law enforcement to catch animal slaughterers.

“When we do get these reports of cases of dog or cat slaughter, unless they’re caught in the act, law enforcement is not able to really prosecute,” said Inga Gibson, Hawaii senior state director for the Humane Society, which pushed for the bill.

Eating meat from cats and dogs is considered acceptable in other countries, including parts of Asia. And while many Americans eat pigs or cows, consuming meat from those animals is vilified elsewhere.

No word if Obama will adjust his menu on his next lavish Hawaiian vacation.

One woman, Sara Knaus, cradled a Pomeranian as she read a note that her son wrote to lawmakers.

I love my dog too much and all dogs should be loved, not eaten,” Knaus read. Dogs can help people with disabilities, she said, noting the letter was the first thing that her son, who has autism, had ever written.

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