Humiliation: Democratic Illinois Governor Routed

Posted by on Nov 05, 2014 at 7:49 am

Wait, we thought the Democrats were poised to win a majority of governorships last night? What happened?

Multimillionaire Republican Bruce Rauner proclaimed victory and “a new direction” as Illinois’ next governor Tuesday night, even as Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn refused to concede defeat.

Nothing like a touch of class warfare what with the first word of the story being multimillionaire. Sheesh.

“This is a historic time in Illinois,” Rauner told cheering supporters. “The voters have spoken. The voters have asked for divided government for the first time in many years.”

But a defiant Quinn declared, “I don’t believe in throwing in the towel” with votes uncounted.

“We will never, ever yield to a result until all the votes are in,” Quinn said, suggesting a complete count could take days

It was a fitting end to an Election Night that capped an often-vicious contest that saw unprecedented amounts of money spent and much vitriol thrown around.

Speaking just minutes after Quinn, Rauner made no mention of the governor’s defiance.  Instead he focused on voters choosing a “divided government” — a Republican in the governor’s mansion and both Illinois houses controlled by Democrats.

Quinn has lost by at least five points with 99% counted. Dude, you lost. How bad is this for Obama and the Democrats?

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