Hillary told secret service agent who refused to carry her bag to ‘get the f*** away from me’

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 at 12:21 pm

If Hillary Clinton runs, and wins the Presidential race in 2016, the Republicans won’t be the only ones with trepidation. The Secret Service, who have tangled with Hillary since she became First Lady in 1993, will also be quaking in their lace-ups.

Hillary has been known to hurl a book at the back of the head of one agent driving her in the Presidential limo accusing him of eavesdropping, forget her ps and qs by never thanking her protectors and lob profanity-laced orders when she just wanted the agents to carry her bags – a job not on agents’ ‘to do’ list.

‘Stay the f**k away from me! Just f*****g do as I say!!!’ she is quoted as saying to an agent who refused to carry her luggage in the book Unlimited Access by FBI agent Gary Aldridge.

Compared to Hillary’s salty language, Bill Clinton was a gentleman, according to now-retired Secret Service agent, Dan Emmett, who began covering President Clinton on his first day in office in January 1993 and writes about guarding the president in a new version of his book Within Arm’s Length, published by St. Martin’s Press.

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2 Responses to “Hillary told secret service agent who refused to carry her bag to ‘get the f*** away from me’”

  1. Benbo Fiedler on 17/17/14 at 2:26 pm

    She shouldn’t piss off the security detail when those snipers on the tarmac in Bosnia are waiting. Sinbad will take over for those unwashed little people Secret Service agents who shouldn’t stand so close to commissarka shillary.

  2. Brendon Carr on 21/21/14 at 11:21 pm

    I wonder if the recent outbreaks of unprofessional behavior within the ranks of the Secret Service can be traced back to the service’s interactions with President Clinton 20 years ago. A fish rots from the head.