Hilarious: Shady David Brock Group Uses Al Sharpton in Ad Targeting Koch Brothers

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 at 11:06 am
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Are these people really so desperate to badmouth the Koch brothers that they’ll use clips of Al Sharpton? Apparently so.

The Democratic opposition research shop American Bridge is launching a new web ad seeking to debunk attacks launched by a Koch brothers-backed outside group in a handful of competitive Senate races.

The web ad uses clips from MSNBC hosts Al Sharpton and Alex Wagner, as well as local news reports, to highlight criticism of and issues with ads run by Americans for Prosperity, a major GOP outside group funded in large part by the Koch brothers.

It highlights the fact that a number of AFP’s ads used paid actors, rather than real residents of the state they aired in, as well as independent fact-checkers debunking the claims in one ad.

It closes: “The Koch agenda: Good for them, bad for the middle class.”

The ad is running in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and Michigan.

If I were one of those endangered Senate Democrats the last person I’d want to see in an ad is Al Sharpton. Naturally, the media fails to report on the dubious group attacking the Kochs. Here’s the clip:

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