Here We Go: Obama Hopes for Court Order to Keep Polls Open Late in Connecticut

Posted by on Nov 04, 2014 at 3:02 pm

For some reason the part-time president decided to meddle in the proceedings in Connecticut based on some unsubstantiated claim of problems at a Hartford polling place. So of course it’s time to keep polls open late, because fairness!

The president, who is largely operating behind the scenes on Election Day, said he called the station because of concerns about irregularities at some poll locations in Connecticut.

“My understanding is, we had a bunch of people who did not have the opportunity to vote in Hartford early in the morning because the voter rolls hadn’t gotten out to the polling places,” Obama said.

Notice how these “problems” always happen in liberal hotbeds?

The president urged voters to try again and indicated his support for a court order that would extend voting in the state.

It’s 3 pm in the east and we need to keep the polls open?

“The main thing I just want to emphasize is, we just have to make sure those folks have the chance to vote, and I want to encourage everybody who’s listening to not be deterred by what is obviously an inconvenience,” Obama said.

It’s about the folks, you see. No word if he has any concern for the folks in Texas. He also spent time whining about how unfair the electoral map was so mean to the Democrats and how none of the impending disaster is his responsibility.

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