Greedy Hillary: Hey, I Donate My Exorbitant Speaking Fees to My Own Charity

Posted by on Jul 05, 2014 at 9:22 am

Facing some mild scrutiny for raking in ridiculous speaking fees for saying nothing, the ridiculously greedy Hillary Clinton has own again shoved her puffy foot into her oversized mouth. She seriously should consider shutting up.

Hillary Clinton on Friday defended her six-figure speaking fees, saying she’s donated all the money earned from colleges over the past year to her family’s foundation.

“All of the fees have been donated to the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,” she told ABC News on Friday.

The former secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential contender reportedly charges about $200,000 for speaking engagements.

Clinton recently drew fire from University of Nevada Las Vegas students who threatened to protest an upcoming fundraiser she’s scheduled to host at the school unless she returns the $225,000 fee.

When asked to respond to the students’ plea, Clinton did not indicate she would adhere to their request.

“It’s been my experience,” Clinton said, “That they’re not worried about my speaking or my household, they’re worried about their own. And that’s the kind of debate I think I’m furthering as I go around the country speaking.”

Exactly what debate is that? Meanwhile, she scammed $15 million for a book nobody is buying. You can be assured none of that loot was donated.

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7 Responses to “Greedy Hillary: Hey, I Donate My Exorbitant Speaking Fees to My Own Charity”

  1. Hank on 5/05/14 at 4:01 pm

    The Clinton Foundation is their tax exempt family slush fund that pays Bill, Hillary and now Chelsea a huge salary as “managing directors.”

    Even the NYTs scoffed at the charitable work it does. For example, the “foundation” gave millions of dollars to study “climate change” in Egypt.

    The money actually helped get the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi elected. Turns out his campaign chief also happens to be the Clinton Foundation’s official representative in Egypt.

    What a co-inky-dink (wink).

  2. Nate on 5/05/14 at 7:40 pm

    Ya know, I’ve had a lot of names for my wallet in my 50 years, but I’ve never called it ‘my family’s foundation’.

  3. --- on 6/06/14 at 1:52 pm

    This is what is commonly known as a ‘tax shelter.’

    Like Bill Gates, the money gets hidden as a ‘charity,’ but they are still able to indulge their own statist impulses with the tax-free money.

    But it’s wrong when Republicans do it.

  4. Harun on 6/06/14 at 2:14 pm

    Its actually more than just paying Chelsea a salary.

    These foundations, like OFA, or other NGOs the politicians set up serve as very useful vehicles for the following:

    1) Keep your team players on salary during off years.
    2) Sinecures for team players, especially those who know where the bodies are buried.
    3) Keep hordes of campaign foot soldiers on payroll during off years, keep interns, etc.

    These groups now also will do stuff like get ACA grants to do “ACA outreach” also known as campaigning, but on the taxpayer dime.

    So, OFA campaigners in 2012 now do “ACA outreach” and you can keep key staff, etc. ready to go. All paid for by us. $700 million “advertising” campaign for the ACA pays for a lot of Democratic groups living expenses.

    This is why the GOP probably will not win the presidency ever again. The ground game being state-financed now is unstoppable. LIV will drive us to European socialism.

  5. LOL on 7/07/14 at 9:51 am

    If you are a *Democrat* and college students are protesting against you, that is a sign that you really suck.

    But hey I am sure the IRS will be looking very, very closely at that money laundering scam, I mean, “foundation”, eh?