Great Advice: Marxist Clown de Blasio Urges Grandma Clinton to Run to the Left

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 at 7:45 am

We heartily recommend she take his advice. After eight years of hard left misery of Obama, America no doubt will be yearning for more, right?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton needs to run to the left on a message of economic populism to win the presidency in 2016.

It’s “necessary” for Clinton to address the crisis of income inequality and de Blasio said he’d be “honored” to help her or any Democrat brush up on messaging.

“I don’t think we’ve had the opportunity to hear from her on this new (post-recession) reality,” de Blasio said at a Politico breakfast in Washington.

The mayor called liberal icon Sen. Elizabeth Warren an “indispensable” voice and said he’s “hopeful” that Clinton could find hers.

“I think whoever runs has to address income inequality. They have to do it morally and they have to do it politically. The absence (of which) will lead to failure.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, de Blasio stood by his relationship with the Rev. Al Sharpton, saying he’s “comfortable” with consulting “the leading civil rights figure of this country right now.”

Right, income inequality and cozying up to tax cheat Al Sharpton. That should do it. Considering how the Democrats were massacred across the nation two weeks ago a move to the left will seal their doom for a decade. Please run with this.

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