GOP Wins Big Nationwide, Politico Grasps at Silver Linings for Granny Clinton

Posted by on Nov 05, 2014 at 7:27 am

Everywhere she campaigned her candidates lost, a point not lost on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who trolled mightily overnight.

That looks like an 0 for 6 nights in races she campaigned in. Yet after a humiliating night for Grandma and her cheating husband, leave it to Politico to clumsily claim there are silver linings for her. Sure there are.

For the Democratic Party, Tuesday night was brutal. For Hillary Clinton’s future, however, there were many silver linings.
As Democrats wake up this morning reeling from an electoral spanking, the 2016 presidential race will unofficially begin — with the main focus on the woman who is all but certain to seek her party’s nomination a second time.

With that in mind, here are POLITICO’s takeaways on what the midterm drubbing means for Clinton and the Democrats heading into the next White House race.

Clinton will face enormous pressure to declare – and fast
Even before networks officially declared a Republican majority in the Senate, Democrats were openly saying they hope Clinton will declare for 2016 soon after Election Day.

Because after a massive rejection of all her candidates, America is clamoring for more of this annoying women. Well, at least the lamestream media is.

Some Democrats said Tuesday night that Clinton will want to wait a bit to let the 2014 midterms pass, and to get some distance between herself and a bloodbath for her party. She also genuinely doesn’t seem ready to flip a switch on a campaign: A number of decisions still remain about staffing and, more importantly, messaging.

The message we see loud and clear is America is sick and tired of Obama and the Democrats, and in two years we want to return to more of the same?

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