Good News: Nanny Bloomberg Still Crusading to Stop People From Killing Themselves or Something

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 at 1:56 pm
Michael Bloomberg's last day as the Mayor of New York

Wait, you thought this cloying nanny-stater was just going to slink off into obscurity. Just not possible with an ego so mammoth. He’s not God, he just plays one in his mind.

He’s no longer mayor, but he plans to retain his role as New York City’s favorite finger-wagging nanny.

In his first public appearance since he turned over control of the Big Apple to Bill de Blasio, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg said he’s not planning to give up on his crusade to stop people from killing themselves.

“So much of the tragedy in this world is self-inflicted,” he told Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu on Tuesday. “There are wars and there’s genocide,” he said. “But most of the people die before they should because of their own behavior,” he said.

Only Mike Bloomberg is here to help people save them from themselves. What a thoughtful guy. He’s now taking aim for tobacco products because apparently some people are too stupid to realize it’s not healthy 50 years after warning labels were placed on cigarette packages.

“We brought smoking down in a good part of this world dramatically and that will save an enormous number of lives,” he told Liu.

“Having said that, there’s also places where the smoking industry has managed to get poor people who don’t know it’s bad for their health to increase their rate of smoking.”

If they don’t know by now a lecture from the tiny tyrant won’t do much good.

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