Global Warming Cult Leader: There’s an ‘Enforced Orthodoxy’ Among Those GOP Climate Deniers or Something

Posted by on May 13, 2014 at 7:24 am

This scam artist doth project too much.

With the stained glass of the chapel windows in view, at times Gore’s voice took on the tone of a preacher, warning against the perils of global warming, but more so about the consequences that may come if nothing is done to prevent it.

“If…you were somehow magically able to consult with 10,000 leading heart specialists in the world and 9,999 of them said, ‘Oh my god, you’ve got to take this medicine, change your diet, get some exercise, and make these other changes,’ but out of the 10,000 of them you found one that said, ‘Well I don’t know yet, the jury’s still out—what would you do?” Gore asked. “That is what some people are doing on climate now.”

He pointed to recent events in the weather as evidence for these findings, including Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast in 2012. “The waters over which [Sandy] passed were nine degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal. That’s where the energy came from,” he said. “The single most criticized passage in [An Inconvenient Truth] was an animation about how the World Trade Center memorial site would be invaded by ocean water….But it happened with Sandy, ahead of schedule.”

Though the main focus of his talk was climate change, Gore highlighted the political climate as a roadblock to confronting change in the environmental climate. He criticized the Citizens Uniteddecision of the Supreme Court—“with whose decisions I don’t always agree,” he noted—as an “obscene” transgression against the United States’s democracy.

Gore said that money in politics can prevent ordinary people from impacting democracy as the founding fathers intended. “If Thomas Paine walked out his front door in Philadelphia today and went down to the nearest TV station…and said ‘I’ve got this 90-minute video called Common Sense, it’s going to change history, when do I go on the air?’ [he would be told] ‘You don’t go on the air,’” Gore said to laughter from the audience. “You get very wealthy people who can pay the gatekeepers  – who can pay the rent to get access to the public discourse.”

Wealthy people, like those who make obscene profits pushing one of the greatest scams in recorded history. It’s amazing this buffoon can keep a straight face. And you know who’s behind all this, right?



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5 Responses to “Global Warming Cult Leader: There’s an ‘Enforced Orthodoxy’ Among Those GOP Climate Deniers or Something”

  1. acethepug on 13/13/14 at 10:14 am

    When Al starts to live like HE believes in whatever the name of this “religion” is this week? I might listen.

    As long as he keeps buying what are in essence “indulgences” to keep living the high life? I look at it with even more suspicion.

    If they won’t walk the walk, I have no interest in them talking the talk (and that includes the Obamas).

  2. deepred on 13/13/14 at 10:22 am

    A Christian pastor who by appearances lives a life without sin but is discovered that he forced his mistress to have an abortion. Embezzled church funds and gambled them away in Vegas in a night of debauchery. Would be forgiven. Then arrested.

    Al Gore has a carbon footprint the size of a small town. Sold his failing cable channel to oil rich Arabs for a handsome profit. Travels first class on jets. Make’s millions in speaking fees.

    But He is a liberal. He gets a pass.

  3. Snowplow Karma on 13/13/14 at 11:46 am

    Pointy headed imbecile-

    Dope leads off with a false analogy- there are NOT 10,000 “leading” climate scientists unequivocally stating that AGW is an actual problem.

    He then goes on with some mumbo jumbo about a hurricane whose waters were “9 degrees warmer than normal”- normal by what standard? Somehow this “statistic” equates the permanent flooding of the world trade center memorial with the effects of a hurricane. Or something.

    Also find it rich that this tubby loser has the gall to talk about money in politics- did he come up with this argument while serving as clinton’s bagman in Buddhist temples?

    I wish this occidental petroleum shareholder would shut his capacious piehole and go get his shakras adjusted, thereby leaving those of us living on planet Earth well alone.

  4. jukin on 13/13/14 at 12:05 pm

    First commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    When the temrperature is warmer than normal it is due to AGW.
    When the temperature is cooler than normal it is due to AGW.
    When the temperature is the same it is due to AGW.

    Second commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    When it is warmer than normal it is global warming.
    When it cooler than normal it is just weather.

    Third commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    When there is less ice at the poles it is due to AGW.
    When there is more ice at the poles it is due to AGW.
    When there is the average amount of ice at the poles it is due to AGW.

    Fourth commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    When there are more hurricanes than normal it is due to AGW.
    When there are fewer hurricanes than normal it is due to AGW.
    When there are the average amount of hurricanes than normal it is due to AGW.

    Fifth commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    When reality fails to live up to computer models it is due to the KOCHS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sixth commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    As our faith is tested by reality, take the rhetoric to 11.

    Seventh commandment of the Cult of AlGore:
    SHUT UP!!

  5. David Gillies on 13/13/14 at 12:37 pm

    Pop quiz, climate fans. Which was the last Category 5 hurricane to make landfall on the continental United States? Was it Sandy? Was it Katrina? Was it Mitch? Nope, it was Hurricane Andrew. In 1992. There is absolutely no evidence of any increase in either frequency or severity of tropical cyclones, especially North Atlantic tropical cyclones. For those of you with a statistical bent, get a list of number of Atlantic hurricanes by year. Plot a trend line through the data. It’s flat. Bin the data by frequency and plot a histogram. Now overlay a Poisson process with the same mean as the real-world data. The fit is uncanny. What this tells a statistician is that a) there are not more hurricanes per year than in the past and b) the number of hurricanes in any given year is well-modelled by a random process. Gore is a vile, Pharisaical con-man, waxing fat (so fat) on climate alarmism while impoverishing the lowliest of the lowly. He is a whited sepulchre who should be ostracised by polite society.