Gay Republican’s Campaign Office Vandalized

Posted by on May 29, 2014 at 9:01 am
Carl DeMaio, an ex-city councilman who lost the San Diego mayor's race to Bob Filner last year, speaks in support of the recall effort against the embattled mayor at City Hall in San Diego

Can you imagine the shitstorm if the campaign office of a gay Democrat was vandalized? There’s be candelight vigils by nightfall and incessant calls to stop the hate. But a gay Republican has his campaign office ransacked and vandalized and the national media won’t even notice.

A break-in was reported at Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio’s San Diego campaign headquarters, just six days before the primary election.

Officers arrived at the office in the 9600 block of Black Mountain Road in Miramar around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. They discovered extensive vandalism, including smashed computer screens and cords and cables that had been cut.

“Almost every cord inside the entire office – phone cords, communications, network cords, power cords – appears to have been cut,” said Dave McCulloch, the campaign’s communications director.

McCulloch said someone also poured water on laptops, printers and copiers, and stole gas cards.

Somehow the Tea Party will be blamed. By the way, the story makes no mention DeMaio is gay since that might upset the leftist stormtroopers who portray him as an anti-gay gay.

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