“Free your breasts! Free your mind!”

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 at 7:57 am
"Go Topless Day" marchers gathered in Columbus Circle before walking to Bryant Park.

It was a banner weekend for annoying people who want to expose themselves. In Chicago Saturday they had the annual Slutwalk, where some hideous beasts pranced around demanding an end to the patriarchy or something.  Then Sunday in Manhattan it was time to go topless.

Some folks really crave attention, huh?

New Yorkers ditched their shirts and joined people around the world Sunday in celebration of International Go-Topless Day.

Around 200 bare-chested men and women chanted “Free your Breasts! Free your mind!” as they proudly marched from Columbus Circle down to Times Square and over to Bryant Park in the name of equality.

“We are lucky to be here and to be able to be topless,” Judith Sherwood, 36, told The Post. “We are here to support the women in states where it is illegal to go topless and breast-feed in public.”

Such oppression. Perhaps they should go try these stunts  in the Middle East and let us know how it goes.

Meanwhile, at least some New Yorkers seemed to enjoy themselves:

“I love this!” Tom Parks, 27, told The Post. “This is great!”

“This is the best Sunday ever!” said Jose Ruiz, 34.

Poor Jose needs to get out more.

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