Ferguson ‘Activist’ Who Appeared at White House is Charged With Assault

Posted by on Dec 05, 2014 at 8:42 am
Missouri Governor announces members of the Ferguson Commission

Obama sure does know how to pick a winner, huh?

A young Ferguson, Mo., activist who touted his peaceful protesting as he sat next to Mayor de Blasio on a panel with President Obama earlier this week was charged with assault Thursday after ­allegedly trying to shove his way into St. Louis City Hall.

Rasheen Aldridge, 22, sat only three chairs away from Obama during the Monday meeting that allowed Ferguson activists to voice their concerns with top officials.

“We want [the president] to come out and have accountability for police, we want him to acknowledge our pain, and that we have been peaceful,” Aldridge told USA Today.

But on Thursday, he was one of three protesters charged with misdemeanor assault after they attempted to demonstrate inside City Hall on Nov. 26, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The building was put on lockdown. Wearing a gray stocking cap, Aldridge stood at the front of the crowd, which tried to rush past a marshal guarding the building’s south door.

In a video posted online, the Forest Park Community College student appears to push the marshal at one point.

“While C.U. [city marshal] was blocking entry, Defendant and the other individuals were chanting and shouting at C.U. and others posted at the door,” reads a probable-cause statement given to the St. Louis newspaper.

Considering Al Sharpton was also in attendance at the White House it comes as no surprise Obama enjoys entertaining criminals.

This punk is actually a member of Gov. Jay Nixon’s Ferguson Commission.

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