FBI Searching for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ San Francisco Democrat Operative

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In a surprise move, Barack Obama has announced a pre-emptive pardon for this mostly peaceful Democratic Party operative.

An FBI spokesman announced Sunday afternoon that 42-year-old San Francisco resident Ryan Chamberlain is being sought in a federal investigation for possession of explosive materials and should be considered armed and dangerous.

FBI agent Peter Lee said that Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II is the man who lives in the apartment building on Jackson Street in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood that was the focus of Saturday’s FBI operation that closed off the block for 15 hours.

Chamberlain is described as 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 225 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair. Lee said Chamberlain was last seen south of San Francisco wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt and jeans driving white 2008 Nissan Altima. The vehicle is registered in Texas  and may have a California or Texas license plates of either 7FQY085 or BX9M042.

During the news briefing outside of the FBI’s San Francisco office, Lee said that reports that Chamberlain may have had poisonous Ricin at his apartment were not true. He also confirmed that there was no danger of chemical or biological agents in what was found at his residence.

Lee encouraged the public to keep an eye out for Chamberlain and the suspect vehicle and to immediately report any sightings to authorities.

Law enforcement officers throughout the state and nation have been alerted to be on the lookout for the suspect, Lee said at Sunday’s news briefing. Lee said that the suspect should be approached with caution if located by police.

“Anyone who possesses explosives should be considered armed and dangerous,” he said.

Anyone working for the Democrats these days should also be considered dangerous. It appears this perp used to be a Republican before losing his mind:

KTVU has learned Chamberlain was involved in sports marketing, taught a semester at University of San Francisco in 2011, and was active in political circles.

“I was shocked.  It blew me away,” said Howard Epstein, the past chair of the San Francisco Republican Party.

Epstein said he worked with Chamberlain years ago before Chamberlain switched sides and joined the Democratic Party’s efforts.

“The only one I know that he worked with after he left the party was Gavin Newsom. He was an organizer when Gavin ran for mayor,” said Epstein.

An organizer? Well, there you go. He could some day be president. Meanwhile, as Jim Hoft points out,  Chamberlain is also a warmie and suffers from Fox News Derangement Syndrome:

Deniers. huh? Hey, that’s original. Meanwhile, like a good lefty he whines about Fox:

Update: Meanwhile, the Democrat fugitive is still tweeting:

That’s in reference to an alleged suicide note by the alleged Democrat domestic terrorist.

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