Enroll America Poll: Most People Haven’t Bothered to Visit ObamaCare Websites

Posted by on Jan 09, 2014 at 10:42 am

This directly contradicts the nonsense from Team Obama that there was such overwhelming demand that resulted in his lousy website crashing.

A strong majority of uninsured adults lack basic knowledge about the Affordable Care Act and haven’t visited an ObamaCare exchange yet, according to a poll released Thursday.

The survey from Enroll America, a nonprofit with close ties to the Obama administration that is aiming to sign people up, found seven out of 10 uninsured people in the United States haven’t visited an ObamaCare online exchange yet.

“Results show that the ACA rollout ‘glitches’ have not been a major barrier for the vast majority of uninsured in the country — most have not yet tried to visit their online marketplace,” the report says.

In addition, 81 percent said they didn’t know March 31 is the open enrollment deadline, after which they would be subject to the individual mandate penalty if they remain uncovered.

Sixty-nine percent said they weren’t aware that tax subsidies and financial help might be available for them, and 59 percent said they didn’t know anything about plans that may be available in their state.

“Large proportions of the uninsured are also still in the dark about deadlines and that brand new plans are available,” the report says. “The fact that most have heard of HealthCare.gov suggest some media coverage is penetrating, but a lack of facts about costs and coverage may be the greatest barriers to enrollment.”

These aren’t low-informaton Americans. They’re no-information Americans. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still hiding the numbers  about who’s actually paid their premiums. Transparency, yo!

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