Endangered Democrat Running Ad Trashing ObamaCare for Its ‘Stunning Ineptitude’

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Nice try, sister, but this head fake won’t work. But give these sleazy Democrats bonus points for creativity. First, vote for ObamaCare. Then say how wonderful it is. Then when the nation recoils in horror during the horrific rollout, pretend you’re also against it. If anyone is stupid enough to fall for this they should have their voting privileges permanently revoked.

A Democratic Super PAC is launching an ad campaign to distance vulnerable Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick from ObamaCare, saying the Arizona lawmaker is fighting to fix the “stunning ineptitude” exhibited in the health law’s website.

The ad was released Thursday by the House Majority PAC, a DC-based group that seeks to help Democrats keep their House seats. The PAC released the ad after the conservative group Americans for Prosperity released an ad attacking Kirkpatrick and another Arizona Democrat, Rep. Ron Barber, for their support of ObamaCare.

The ad seeks to distance Kirkpatrick from the law and paints her as a “whistle-blower” fighting to help her constituents deal with the disastrous rollout.

“It’s here, in small towns and wide-open places that Ann Kirkpatrick listens and learns,” the ad says. “It’s why she blew the whistle on the disastrous health care website, calling it ‘stunning ineptitude,’ and worked to fix it.”

The ad is not the first time Kirkpatrick has criticized the rollout of the health care overhaul, which she voted for in 2010. In December, Kirkpatrick introduced legislation that would ensure people who attempted to sign up for health coverage but were thwarted by the website’s problems would not go without coverage going into 2014.

“The problems during the rollout of healthcare.gov were unacceptable,” Kirkpatrick said at the time.

She blew the whistle? Sure she did.  Meanwhile, a Democrat groups allegedly is praising her for this doubletalk. Good luck with that.

Republicans were quick Thursday to highlight the new spot’s criticism of Obamacare.

“So are Democrats finally admitting ObamaCare is a failure?” the National Republican Congressional Committee wrote in a blog post.

Quentin Cantu, a researcher at the Republican super PAC America Rising, tweeted: “House Majority PAC running ads on “disastrous” ObamaCare rollout. This is what @NancyPelosi meant when she said that they would run on it?”

Andy Stone, communications director for House Majority PAC, defended the ad.

“The level of foaming-at-the-mouth fervor from Republicans obviously shows just how effective the ad is,” he said.

Foaming at the mouth? Really? Here’s the ad. She believes so strongly in it the comments are disabled.



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