Duncan Hunter: U.S. Paid Ransom for Bowe Bergdahl to Guy Who Disappeared With the Money

Posted by on Nov 06, 2014 at 7:43 am

Who are we going to believe, Duncan Hunter or Obama’s stooges? We’ll go with Hunter, since we doubt he’d be so reckless as to just make something like this up. So after a failed ransom exchange, Obama went and did the next logical thing: Freeing five monster from Club Gitmo who’ll be out on the battlefield in the next few months.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) said Wednesday that sources have told him that the U.S. military unsuccessfully tried to pay a ransom for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, despite repeated denials.

In a Nov. 5 letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Hunter wrote “it has been brought to my attention that a payment was made to an Afghan intermediary who ‘disappeared’ with the money and failed to facilitate Bergdahl’s release in return.”

Hunter said “according to sources” the payment was made between January and February 2014 through Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a special operations command whose activities are mostly classified.

Hunter said he recognized the “reluctance to describe the payment as a ransom,” and that the allegations of an unsuccessful payment is supported by JSOC’s pursuit of at least two lines of effort to get Bergdahl back — through a military rescue operation, and payment to his suspected captors and terrorist group Haqqani Network.

Hunter did not identify his sources.

Because that would be a great idea, huh?

In his letter, Hunter asked Hagel to “immediately inquire with JSOC to determine the specific order of events” and to “confirm whether a payment of any kind was considered and/or paid.”

He also asked Hagel to confirm whether the same consideration, for others in captivity, is still being given by JSOC.

If the allegations are true, it could contradict a longstanding U.S. policy not to pay ransom for hostages. 

It could also contradict the advice U.S. officials game to the family of slain journalist James Foley to not pay ransom to Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants, who later beheaded him.

The Pentagon reiterated its denial Wednesday that any cash was paid to secure Bergdahl’s release, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Obama and Hagel have zero credibility, so the burden of proof should be on them.

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2 Responses to “Duncan Hunter: U.S. Paid Ransom for Bowe Bergdahl to Guy Who Disappeared With the Money”

  1. Alan O on 6/06/14 at 8:56 am

    Mr. Duncan and the GOP should pursue this matter relentlessly, until we arrive at THE TRUTH (one way or another)

  2. BeckoningChasm on 6/06/14 at 9:11 am

    In fairness to Obama–a sentence I never thought I would write, ever–if no payment arrangement was actually made, they can’t prove a negative.

    That said, I don’t doubt that Obama did under the table dealings to get Bergdahl back. He’s the only kind of American Obama likes, after all.