Dopey Obama Donors Realize They’re Being Used: “I think a lot of people think, ‘What’s really the point?’ ”

Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 8:39 am

Do they realize even thinking this is racist?

Top Democratic donors say they are exasperated by a lack of leadership from the White House on policy and are questioning whether they should throw money into midterm elections they believe won’t change Washington.

In interviews with The Hill, the donors, who have been staunch Obama supporters since 2008, showed a frustration with the constant Beltway gridlock.

As some look to the promise of a 2016 presidential bid by Hillary Clinton, they express weariness with a White House that continually asks for money but has been unable to move anything in Washington since President Obama’s reelection.

“We’re already seeing that happen now when Democrats do have control of the Senate,” one donor said. “I think a lot of people think, ‘What’s really the point?’”

They’ll really be in a good mood come November. Dejected, depressed, dispirited. Can’t wait.

Even if Democrats retain the Senate, there’s a sense in the donor class that Obama and Democrats will make little progress against Republicans.

“There’s a sense of resignation that Republicans are just going to run out the clock on the president no matter what,” the donor said.

One Democratic strategist who has worked closely on fundraising efforts has heard similar rumblings and says it’s a sign that donors are tired of giving.

“There’s definitely some donor fatigue in a lukewarm environment,” the strategist said. “They are tired of giving and giving and they know there’s not much more the president can do.”

Another donor, who has written large checks to the Obama campaign and top Democrats and has rallied others to do the same, said there’s a feeling of neglect by some top donors who feel the White House team keeps hitting them up for money, on the heels of two bruising presidential elections, but does little in return.

The donor pointed to former President Clinton, who understands how to nurture donor relationships and their give-and-take nature. Obama, the donor pointed out, “has been very restrictive on that kind of stuff,” with the exception of rewarding some select donors with ambassadorships.

Team Obama, the donor said, “just [doesn’t] get it … In terms of energizing the donor base, they have not done that well.”

Now shut up and write another check, dummy.


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