DNC Spokesman: Hey, This Whole Michael Grimm Episode Was a Clever Distraction From the Awesome Successes of ObamaCare or Something

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 at 7:38 am

Following Obama’s low-rated State of the Union address Tuesday night, Staten Island Republican Michael Grimm embarrassed himself in an altercation with a NY1 reporter, threatening to break him in half and toss him off the balcony. Grimm apologized Wednesday, but that didn’t stop a Democrat National Committee spokesman from tweeting possibly the most absurd theory as to why Grimm lost his mind:

First of all, why on earth would anyone threaten criminal behavior as a distraction from ObamaCare? Second, what ACA successes is this moron talking about? Others wondered the same thing:

Maybe alcohol was involved. That might explain the lunacy:

The stupid, it hurts.

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