Depressing: John Kerry Goes on Unhinged ‘Climate Change’ Screed at BC Graduation

Posted by on May 19, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Jesus, could this guy be any more of a downer? These kids are graduating, it’s one of the happiest days of their lives and along come this long-face douchebag to ruin their days. What a dolt.

Secretary of State John Kerry warned graduates of Boston College on Monday that they have doom and destruction to look forward to if they don’t take climate change more seriously than previous generations.

‘And I know its hard to feel the urgency as we sit here on an absolutely beautiful morning in Boston,’ Kerry said, ‘you might not see climate change as an immediate threat to your job, your communities or your families.

‘But let me tell you, it is.’

If the U.S. does not act, ‘and it turns out that the critics and the naysayers and the members of the Flat Earth Society – if it turns out that they’re wrong, then we are risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet,’ Kerry told graduates of the Massachusetts college and their families.

We can only imagine what some of the “Flat Earth” parents in the audience thought of this.

The successful work America has done abroad, he said, should give graduates the courage take on other global challenges such as climate change.

‘If we’re going to live up to our values, this is a test that we have to meet,’ he said, touting his own efforts as a Massachusetts Senator to get legislation passed that addressed the issue.

He reminded students of two recent studies completed by the U.N. and retired U.S. military leaders that warned he world of the consequences it will face if countries do not move more quickly to reduce human contributions to climate change.

Kerry said that 97 percent of scientists say climate change is ‘urgent’ because it will lead to food and water insecurity, and ‘things will change in a hurry. And they will change for the worse.’

Of course that bogus 97% statistic isn’t quite accurate, but since when has that prevented Kerry and his ilk from lying?

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2 Responses to “Depressing: John Kerry Goes on Unhinged ‘Climate Change’ Screed at BC Graduation”

  1. burt on 20/20/14 at 10:12 am

    John Kerry is the only flat earth person around. The Greeks figured out the circumference of the earth near the equator in 200 B.C. Columbus didn’t believe in a flat earth and neither did the king and queen of Spain.

  2. MikeinAZ on 20/20/14 at 1:49 pm

    “Supposing they are [wrong], what’s the worst that can happen?” Kerry said.

    I suppose when you’re married to a millionaire spending who knows how much extra money needlessly, to supposedly “save the planet” wouldn’t be any big deal. Well, it matters to me and it’s a bunch of crapola.