Democrats Still Babbling About Obama’s Impeachment

Posted by on Aug 10, 2014 at 10:31 am

Since we were on vacation we didn’t pay much attention to email. Now while we didn’t hear anyone talking about impeachment lately, Obama’s Democrats are still obsessing over it:

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John Boehner has repeatedly refused to close the door on impeaching President Obama. And now, House Republicans are lining up around the corner to do just that.

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This impeachment talk is no joke — nearly every day now, another Tea Party Republican floats the idea of launching impeachment proceedings.

  • FIRST: Rep. Steve King appeared on Fox News Sunday to threaten the President with impeachment.
  • THEN: Rep. Walter Jones said the preposterous lawsuit against Obama isn’t enough — he wants impeachment.
  • FINALLY: Mike Huckabee claimed that President Obama has done “plenty of things worthy of impeachment.”

And that’s just from the last couple weeks…

That’s why we need Boehner to finally stand up and squash this impeachment talk before it gets out of control.

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We’ll be blunt: Boehner has proven that he’s unwilling — or unable — to take on his Tea Party caucus. And they want impeachment. They want it BAD.

That means we have to force Boehner’s hand. And for that, we need an absolute EXPLOSION of grassroots pressure.

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 Could’ve sworn Boehner unequivocally took it off the table a couple of weeks ago. But Democrats sure won’t:

When House Republicans threatened President Obama with impeachment, you stepped up!

Your outpouring of support has allowed us to take our accountability efforts to a whole new level.

We’re on-the-ground — earlier and bigger than ever — calling out impeachment Republicans who care more about hurting Obama, than helping the middle class.

In fact, we’re building our biggest get-out-the-vote program EVER.

Now, we need to force Boehner to take impeachment off the table once and for all.

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Help us get 1OO,OOO signatures on our letter demanding Boehner take impeachment off the table:




One Response to “Democrats Still Babbling About Obama’s Impeachment”

  1. SNuss on 13/13/14 at 6:42 pm

    I’d rather see several million signatures IN SUPPORT of the well-deserved impeachment of Obama, Holder, etc..