Democrats Continue Emailing Like Crack Monkeys Over Impeachment

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We missed most of this organized campaign over the weekend since we have a life, but Byron York managed to keep pace of the saturation email campaign from the hapless Democrats. You see, any speculation that Obama should be impeached will be used by the desperate Democrats to do what they do best: shake down their gullible supporters for cash.

In an almost farcical twist on the recent political debate, the ObamaWhite House has joined the Democratic fundraising apparatus in what appears to be a campaign to encourage Republicans to impeach the president.

In the past 48 hours, first lady Michelle Obama, White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, White House spokesman Josh Earnest, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and others have raised the specter of an Obama impeachment.

The first lady was first to broach the subject, in a Thursday evening fundraising speech in Chicago. “If we lose these midterm elections, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to finish what we started,” Obama said, “because we’ll just see more of the same out in Washington — more obstructions, more lawsuits, and talk about impeachment.”

Top White House aide Pfeiffer really got the ball rolling Friday morning at a Christian Science Monitor reporters’ breakfast. “I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying they supported impeaching the president,” Pfeiffer said. “A lot of people in this town laugh that off. I would not discount that possibility.” Asked whether an impeachment battle might be a “good thing” for the president’s popularity, Pfeiffer said, “We take it very seriously and I don’t think it would be a good thing. But I think it would be foolish to discount the possibility that Republicans would at least consider going down that path.”

Well, they were just getting warmed up. From Monday:

UPDATE: Moments after President Obama emailed you this morning, Speaker Boehner came out with a diatribe against the President.

In a USA Today op-ed, Boehner announced that — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY — Republicans will hold a vote to sue the President on the House floor. Boehner even had the nerve to accuse the President of breaking the law. It’s a major slap in the face.

We need to get the President’s back on this. We want to get to 1OO,OOO Democrats responding to President Obama’s call to action before the vote. Will you help us deal a CRUSHING BLOW to Boehner’s Republicans?

Followed by links begging you to “chip in” to stop the evil Boehner from holding a lawbreaker accountable.

Then they dredged up Democrat hack Paul “The Forehead” Begala to get in on the action:

I’ve been around politics for a long time, and even I can’t believe what just happened:

    • FRIDAY: In a closed-door meeting, some House Republicans discussed impeaching President Obama.


    • YESTERDAY: One of Boehner’s top deputies went on Fox News and REFUSED to take impeachment off the table.


  • TODAY: Boehner penned a USA TODAY op-ed threatening President Obama with a lawsuit

This is no laughing matter. These are the same Tea Party Republicans that managed to shut down the government last year. They’re going to keep coming up with new ways to sabotage Barack Obama’s presidency. And for these guys, impeachment would be the pinnacle of Republican sabotage.

This silliness was met with the appropriate derision:

But wait, there’s more!

Last week, Vice President Biden emailed you.

Yesterday, First Lady Michele Obama emailed you.

Today, President Obama emailed you.

They need your help, because it’s a critical moment.

House Republicans will vote THIS WEEK to sue the President.

And the White House believes it could lead to Barack Obama’s impeachment.

Yes, it can get more ridiculous. A short time later, Pelosi was back with more hysteria:

If Boehner has his way, we might as well kiss all hope goodbye for the remainder of President Obama’s term.

Case in point: this week, Boehner is planning a vote to sue the President. The House of Representatives has never sued a sitting President in all of U.S. history. And if they do it, impeachment may very well be the next step.

Make no mistake: these Tea Party Republicans are obsessed with tearing down President Obama, not making progress for the middle class.

Jammie, this is it. It’s time to go all in defending President Obama.

Since he sent you his call-to-action this morning, 34,581 of you stepped up. But that still leaves us more than 65,000 donations from our goal. Can you chip in one more time to help us get there?

Um, no, all tapped out, Nancy. Of course, that doesn’t stop them. Late Monday evening:

We just got some SHOCKING news

We just need 1,750 more donations before midnight to get there!

Since President Obama’s call to action, donations have been flooding in from all across the country.


They’re actually happy their president is so awful people want him impeached. Ecstatic, it seems.

Cue the dancing chimps at MSNBC:

When you have nothing to report, just create some news.

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