Democrat Staffer: ‘Tea Baggers’ are ‘Chasing Their Tails’ on Benghazi

Posted by on May 05, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Good grief, tea baggers? Really? What, they couldn’t work the Koch brothers into this?

Trey Gowdy,a knife-in-the-teeth former South Carolina prosecutor, is the front-runner to chair a congressional ‘Select Committee’ that will investigate the September 11, 2012 State Department debacle in Benghazi, Libya. And Democrats on Capitol Hill aren’t pleased.

Gowdy, a Republican, told TV host Greta van Susteren on Friday night that he has proof the Obama administration intentionally hid the causes of the Benghazi attack – and its own responses to the deadly raid – during the 2012 election season.

‘I have evidence that not only are they hiding it but there’s an intent to hide it,’ Gowdy said on the Fox News Channel. ‘I can’t disclose that evidence yet, but I have evidence that there was a systematic intentional decision to with hold certain documents from Congress, and we’re just sick of it.

But a senior staffer to a Democratic House member who serves on the House Oversight Committee told MailOnline that Republicans aligned with tea party groups – ‘tea baggers,’ he called them – are ‘chasing their tails’ in an effort to tarnish President Obama’s legacy and hamper Democrats’ electoral chances during the fall midterms.

‘It seems to me that the only thing that matters is the game clock,’ the aide said of House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to green-light the new investigative committee in an election year.

We’ll have about five months to watch the tea baggers flail and flop around, and try to make this a November election issue,’ he said.

Yes, it’s just “tea baggers” that want the truth about Benghazi. Ridiculous. And it’s not as if the GOP really needs this as an issue, to start with.

Update: We don’t think Gowdy will be intimidated by the childish name-calling.


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  1. Kotters Paradise on 6/06/14 at 10:39 am

    ‘Tea Baggers’ is a homophobic term.
    STOP THE HATE SPEECH, Libtards!!!