Democrat Nutcase Loretta Sanchez Encourages 9/11 Truthers ‘To Push’ for Answers

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 at 10:53 am

We encourage voters in her district to push the lever for her opponent in November.

CALLER: I have been watching your show, and it is sad to know that you have silenced the voices that talk about building seven on 9/11.

HOST: We have not silenced them. They have called into the show.

LORETTA SANCHEZ: I think it is a good thing for people to push and suggest there might be other answers. Honestly, the best information we get comes from constituents who tell us, have you seen this, that document. We have found out a lot of things that way.

HOST: When a congressperson is sitting here and we get those phone calls, we welcome them to respond. If it is off topic, we will move on.

We’re sure she’ll soon be claiming she was taken out of context.

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One Response to “Democrat Nutcase Loretta Sanchez Encourages 9/11 Truthers ‘To Push’ for Answers”

  1. Neo on 12/12/14 at 12:09 pm

    Loretta and Linda Sánchez are sisters.

    Mr. Ackman told his dinner companions that Representative Linda T. Sánchez, Democrat of California, had sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission the previous day calling for an investigation of the company.

    The commission had not yet stamped the letter as received, nor had it been made public. But Mr. Ackman, who had personally lobbied Ms. Sánchez and stood to profit if the company’s stock dropped as a result of the call for an inquiry, already knew what it said, and read from a copy of it that he had on his cellphone.

    When Ms. Sánchez’s office ultimately issued a news release a month later, it was backdated as though it had been made public the day before Mr. Ackman’s dinner talk.

    The letter was a small hint of Mr. Ackman’s extraordinary attempt to leverage the corridors of power — in Washington, state capitols and city halls — for his hedge fund’s profit after taking a $1 billion financial position called a short, a bet that will pay off only if Herbalife’s stock drops.