Dem Strategist: ObamaCare Being “Terrorized” by Hostile Ads

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 at 7:43 am

These are the same people who insisted Benghazi wasn’t a terrorist attack. But running ads against ObamaCare? Terrorism, obviously. We eagerly await Harry Reid’s next Senate floor jihad against the Koch Brothers in which they are labeled domestic terrorists.’s crash and Obama’s unfulfilled promise that people who liked their healthcare plans could keep them have stoked widespread hostility toward the law.

This has broken Democratic hopes of enacting other parts of Obama’s agenda, and incumbents do not have time for any more “wait and see.”

Republicans have again made Obama-Care their top campaign issue, and are hammering Democratic Sens. Mary Landrieu (La.), Mark Warner (Va.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Kay Hagan (N.C.) and Mark Begich (Alaska) for their support of the law.

A Democratic strategist who spoke to The Hill on condition of anonymity said ObamaCare has been “terrorized” by millions of dollars in hostile advertisements that have been left unanswered. The counterattack has yet to materialize.

“That’s unfortunate and it’s a big problem,” the operative said. “You have to put some money behind it and that hasn’t been done the last two years and the other side has taken advantage of that. There just hasn’t been a similar effort on our side. That’s really frustrating, and I think Democrats were expecting a better counter-offensive.”

Because the nonstop ads from Team Obama just haven’t done the trick.

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6 Responses to “Dem Strategist: ObamaCare Being “Terrorized” by Hostile Ads”

  1. Dilsin on 24/24/14 at 9:57 am

    That’s right….the big problem with O-Care is simply that you can’t get your message out. Keep believing that. You have MSNBC running a 24 hour a day infomercial for Obama. The NY Times and the LA Times run near weekly op-eds telling us how great it is and how the Republicans keep lying about it. The Sunday talk shows lob softball questions to administration officials and give them plenty of time to spout their talking points.

    But the problem is that you can’t get the message out. It has nothing to do with the disastrous consequences the law created, damaging millions of citizens. It has nothing to do with the deceit on a galactic scale required to pass the law. It couldn’t be that ideological solutions imposed in a top down fashion don’t work in the real word. Nope. The problem is that you guys just can’t get your message out there. With all your Soros, Winfrey, Geffen, Speilberg, Buffet, Gates, etc, money, you can’t put out your own ads (except for the shockingly insulting Bro-surance, pajama boy and Mom ads).

    I think you would have more luck with the racism argument.

  2. kevino on 24/24/14 at 12:01 pm

    RE: “The counterattack has yet to materialize.”
    ROFL. For years now the democrats have spread the word — mostly lies — about Obamacare. As bad as the poll numbers were early on, they got worse as democrats in general — and President Obama in particular — started talking to americans about the law — before they illegally modified it more than two dozen times.

    Spread the word:
    1. The White House has illegally modified the law more than two dozen times because it is a disaster. If you think it’s bad now, wait until the delays and waivers expire and the full force of this mess descends on the public. The changes indicate that even the White House can’t make this work.
    2. The horrible unintended side effects (e.g. massive rate increases) have yet to appear. As bad as it is now, it’s going to get much worse.
    3. This law was rammed down the American people’s collective throat by democrats. Every word was written by democrats. Good people with an understanding of economics and healthcare tried to warn the democrats, but they refused all advice and plowed ahead with their ideas. Their ideas failed — spectacularly.

    The people that created this mess need to be voted out of office immediately. It is justice. It is needed to protect the country from their idiotic ideas. And their destruction needs to serve as a warning to others.

  3. sock_rat_eez on 24/24/14 at 3:15 pm

    Actually, I find this kind of thing increasingly creepy.
    So much stuff out of government these days sounds like it is coming from the Old Soviet Union.

    “Lies spread by enemies of the people are causing shortfalls in fulfilling the goals of the Third Five-Year Plan !”

  4. Stosh on 24/24/14 at 7:40 pm

    Dang, If only they had read the bill before passing it….actually know what’s in it.