“Delivered an ISIS Bastard to Hell”: American Helping Kurds Fight ISIS

Posted by on Oct 03, 2014 at 9:53 am

Granted, it probably isn’t the best idea to identify this American, but let’s give him a hand for taking on the good fight.

A Wisconsin man left his job at a Madison bank a few weeks ago to join the Kurds and fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.

Jordan Matson, 28, joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, known as YPG, changing his Facebook photo on Tuesday to a picture of himself wearing a traditional Middle Eastern kaffiyeh wrapped around his head and holding a gun.

A Kurdish official confirmed to Reuters that Matson joined the Kurdish fighters and is fighting in the Jazaa area in northeastern Syria, an area close to the border of Iraq that has seen heavy fighting.

Matson posted on Facebook that he had been injured while fighting but his wounds were not serious.

“For all who didn’t know I’m in Syria fighting for the YPG against ISIS … I was hit by a mortar a few days ago during a 6 hour firefight but i am fine. Delivered an ISIS bastard to hell. Please keep me and the other americans and kurdish fighters in your prayers,” Matson wrote.

Born in Sturtevant, Matson graduated from Racine Case High School in 2005. On his LinkedIn page, Matson wrote that he was working at Home Savings Bank in Madison.

Reuters reported that Matson told his online gaming friends in August that he was going to Syria to fight the Islamic State.

With any luck he can take out some of the “American” scumbags fighting for ISIS. This guy is an American hero, but don’t ever expect the part-time president to acknowledge him.

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